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About company

Grenlander is a brand of Chinese manufacturer ZODO Tire Co., LIMTED tires for all types of vehicles.

Grenlander tires are products of ZODO Tire Co., LIMTED. Before the rebranding, it was called Shandong Longyue Rubber Co., Ltd. The founder and legal owner of the corporation is Sui Haiping, who invested 3.5 billion yuan in the company. So in August 2011, a large enterprise was built in Cao County, Shandong.

From the time of its foundation to the present day, the scope of the company’s activity has been the development, production, sale, and maintenance of tires and related rubber products. The capacities of a modern, technologically advanced enterprise in the city of Lixin are located on an area of ​​​​more than 430 thousand square meters. The number of employees exceeds 2,000 people and in the short term the number of employees will double. The enterprise is considered to be the leading one in Kaoksian Rubber Industrial Park.

ZODO Tire Co.’s main products are high-performance semi-steel radial tires. For the project, production processes were connected, which are based on the use of technologies from the famous North American company Goodyear. That is why the products of the Grenlander brand are rightfully considered to be a high-quality, but more budgetary analogue of the famous tires from the USA.

Raw materials for the production of products are purchased from Malaysia and Indonesia. Interestingly, natural rubber is mainly used. This is a rarity for tires made in China, which also speaks in favor of the quality and reliability of the Grenlander.

Equipment for the production of goods is ordered from Germany, Japan and the USA. The high quality of the finished product is ensured both by strict control at each production stage and by constant updating of equipment.

The company has a number of successfully passed and confirmed certificates, including ISO9001, ISO14000, CCC, DOT US, GCC and BIS. This allows us to supply tires worldwide. Grenlander products have been recognized even in such difficult markets for China as Europe and North America, which indicates that the products meet the highest requirements and standards.

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